People do not seem to care about musicality at all anymore.

I’ve heard a lot of music in my time, I practically hunt for music every day of my life. I’ve come across some amazing musicians and I am always puzzled as to why I have to search for these gems. I understand old gems but things newly emerging just falling flat actually. Things that deserved to be blogged about, things that tackle the boundaries and give us all a big “Fuck you” in such an incredibly tasteful way. Most people (music listeners not musicians) have no clue how much talent it takes to make challenging music like that sound listenable to people in a day in age where people are the most dismissive of challenging music. So what is the difficulty for some of these artists? Making challenging and yet engaging music without having to sell yourself short and submit to the norm-set rules of music against your own will.

It’s a sad thing but the thing that really pisses me off is the utter shit attitude and disrespect that the average music listener now feeds to these artists. How unfair it is to suck off any typical musician but not give anyone pouring the heart out in their own unique way respect. People have no idea how difficult it can be to channel oneself into their music, people have no clue how difficult it can be to make something that vulnerable and just give it away like that and even to a crowd of such callous vultures. It’s sickening to me, you hear the same thing you heard last week and verbally blow whoever it is. The moment you hear something “weird” you don’t even give it a chance it’s just unfamiliarity and you just shit on it.

It seems as if most people want to act like spoiled brats and command artists left and right. You have no idea how sickening it is for us to see and yes we do talk about it. We talk about criticisms sometimes we talk about everything. But this post isn’t about some self-entitled commenters. It’s about how absurdly depressing it is having people make you feel like you have to change your work for them.


I’m listening to an album right now that literally changed my way of thinking musically and it has been promoted time and time again but it’s not the brain numbing bullshit that everyone seems to care about now. You can like what you like but to claim to like one single thing shows a lack of individuality at the surface. This album is a craft in itself and yes that’s my opinion but I feel like you can tell how much emotion, effort, time, creativity was put into it. To watch bloggers who are complete losers not accept it because there’s no “brand” is heartbreaking to many of us. You know who you are and I have absolutely no respect for you at all. It’s like no one is real and no one can respect the real. Well, the real still exist but it’s majorly overshadowed by hype beasts that are legitimately going to end music.

I know this person on a personal level and I’ve talked to other musicians. Unless you’re some hype-addict or genuinely like making hype music, it is likely that the average music listener is depressing you and your ideas. It’s kind of a shitty time for a lot of musicians out there. No one seems to care unless it’s a specific sound that’s been done before already. What is the point exactly? We will continue to make the music we make though, through all of the annoying trends. I just advise people to just open up a little bit, it could change your life and also comfort musicians to be more of themselves. What you say and how you act can have an effect on a subconscious level for sure. Just remember that we are also people.